Summer Course

The local BEST group at Chalmers typically organises a summer course in the middle of June. Below you can see a list of all the previous courses that we organised:

2018 (Summer): Graphene Technology – Cutting it Close
2017 (Summer): Boat Design
2016 (Summer): Yacht Design
2015 (Autumn): Yacht Design – deck your yard!
2014 (Summer): Sports and Technology, what’s the analogy?
2013 (Summer): Technology in Sport
2012 (Summer): Synergy in Energy!
2011 (Summer): The Bullwhip effect: Is your “batch” large enough?
2010 (Summer): Pimp my ride: Faster, Lighter, GREENer
2009 (Summer): ROBINSONade – The perspectives on human resource management and project psychology
2008 (Summer): Rage against the machine! Human – Machine Interaction.
2007 (Spring): E-learning and student mobility in higher education
2006 (Spring): Yacht Design
2005 (Spring): Yacht Design
2003 (Winter): Electromagnetic fields and their effects
2002 (Summer): Environmental noise sources and their effects
2001 (Summer): Usability Engineering
2000 (Summer): Human Machine Design
1999 (Summer): Introduction to design
1998 (Summer): Sustainable Industrial Metabolism – a System Perspective
1997 (Summer): Sustainable Development – a systems perspective
1995 (Summer): Life Cycle Assessment
1993 (Summer): Life Cycle Assessment

Are you a Professor at Chalmers and interested in organising a course with us for 22 international students from all over Europe (to try out something new, or to promote your Department among European students)? Contact us!