How to apply

The process for applying to a BEST course is very simple, just follow these 4 steps!


1. Register on

It’s important to use an email that you will check regularly, as this will be the main channel for us to contact you. If you are not reading your chalmers student union mail very often, please use a different email. For the Student ID, please fill in your programme and year you started at chalmers (just like on the exams you are writing).

If you want us to remind you when the next application period for courses is open, make sure to select “Yes” in the dropdown list to the question if BEST can contact you about future activities.

2. Pick up to three courses that you are interested in

You can also find a simplified list of the courses categorized into study fields here.

There are many different courses, and you don’t have to select courses within your own field of study. In fact, it’s a perfect opportunity to try something new. Don’t forget that you can apply for up to 3 courses at the same time. If you pick more than one course, you have to rank your applications, since you can only get accepted to one of them. Don’t worry – the way you rank your courses will not influence your chances of getting accepted negatively.

3. Apply by writing a motivation letter and answering the activity related questions

When you apply to a course, you have to write a motivation letter and answer 3 additional questions that the organizers of the event want to know from you. For tips how to write your motivation letter, please check here. If this is not enough you should consider following our Facebook page for more info, as we sometimes organize seminars on how to write them to maximize your chance of getting accepted.

If you are applying to more than one course, you should write separate motivation letters for each course. You can usually re-use some parts, but writing one generic motivation letter that you use to apply for all your courses is usually a bad idea.

4. Contact us to validate your account

Whenever someone applies to an event via the BEST application system, the Local BEST Group at his/her University needs to validate that the student in fact is studying there and that he/she has sufficiently good English skills to take part in a course. For this we would like you to show us a proof of enrollment at Chalmers (Student Union card is fine), by dropping by our office and having a quick chat with us (see our office hours or contact us to schedule a time). Don’t worry if your account is not validated yet, you can apply even with an unvalidated account. The validation has to be done until latest 3 days after the application deadline for the courses.

(5.) Wait for the result.

Courses usually have between 100 and 400 applications, and reading all of them and picking out 22 students takes a lot of time. The final decision of who gets accepted or not is announced 3 weeks after the application deadline. If you are accepted, you have then 2 more weeks to confirm your participation. You confirm your participation by paying a 60€ deposit, which you will get back after participating in the course. This is not the same as the course fee. The course fee is never more than 55€, and you pay it when you arrive at your course.

If something still isn’t clear, look here, in our FAQ or contact us.


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