General questions

Is the course in English?

All the courses are in English.

What are the requirements for going on a course?

You have to be a student (Bachelor, Master, PhD, Exchange) at Chalmers Technical University or any other University where there is a Local BEST Group (LBG). So you DON’T need to be a member of BEST to go on a course. For some courses you should also have some previous knowledge about the given topic (they are marked as Advanced).

What does „Your account is not validated for this season“ mean?

Whenever someone applies to an event via the BEST application system, the Local BEST Group at his/her University needs to validate that the student in fact is studying there and that he/she has sufficiently good English skills to take part in a course. Don’t worry if your account is not validated yet, you can apply even with an unvalidated account. The validation has to be done until latest 3 days after the application deadline for the courses. For this we would like you to show us a proof of enrolment at Chalmers (Student Union card is fine) and chat with us a bit by dropping by our office. Send an email to gothenburg@best.eu.org to schedule a time to meet with us (or check our office hours.

The cost of events

What’s the maximum fee for a course?

The maximum fee is 5 Euro per day (but never more than 55 Euro). Should you get accepted and want to go you also have to pay a 60 Euro (=600 SEK) deposit to confirm your participation, but this you will get back after you went to the course.

What is included in the course fee?

The course fee covers:

  • Accommodation
  • Food (3 times per day)
  • Activities
  • Local transportation

Not included: your trip to the course and drinks at parties.

How come it’s so cheap?

The organising Local BEST Group (LBG) is trying to get as much money as possibly by co-operating with several organisations. The university is interested in hosting foreign students and in becoming more internationally minded. Companies wish to get access to European-minded students, which is done during the event by company presentations, guest lectures or company visits. In some countries, the student union also provides some financial aid.

Why are the fees different for each course?

It all depends on the current situation at the given Local BEST Group, how much support they will get from the university, student union, etc.

Why is the fee for leisure event (much) higher?

As said above LBGs fund the events by support from various organisations, like the university, companies and the student union. Most of these organisations are interested in an academical course. Therefore, raising money for leisure events is much more difficult. Moreover these events are more like a holiday and they include some activities like sailing, skiing or wine-tasting – usually you pay more for a holiday like this…

The selection

How are the participants for the event selected?

The organising local BEST group receives all the applications and they will decide who will be accepted. So if you apply to a course in Barcelona, it is the students of the local BEST group in Barcelona who will make that decision. They usually consider regional aspects (they try to get people from all over Europe, so in general they won’t take more than two, max three, students from each city/country), your Motivation Letter (they have to read many of them, so try to be creative!), and maybe your educational background (only if you need some previous knowledge for a specific event). The organisers also aim at having equal number of male and female participants. If you don’t know how to start your motivation letter, read our recommendations on how to write a motivation letter.

Can I apply to any event?

Yes! You can apply for every event, but it might not be reasonable in some cases. It is possible that one event requires some previous knowledge and if you don’t have that you might not be taken. On the other hand, there might be beginner’s level courses in the field of your study and then the course will get too boring!

How many events per season I can apply to?

You can apply to up to 3 courses per season. You can be accepted to only one of them.

I want to go with my friend, will we get there together?

Probably not. A lot of people apply for the courses, so the chances are small, unless you apply to a course with a very low number of applications. You can see how many people applied to the different courses here.

How high are my chances of getting accepted?

Last summer, 37 out of 87 applicants from Sweden got accepted to courses. There are comparatively few students who apply from Sweden, and since having a high diversity of students at the events is a big priority, the chances are in general very good for students at Swedish Universities to get accepted. But the most important thing is of course your motivation letter. Each event usually gets between 100 and 400 applications, of which the organising Local BEST Group (LBG) has to pick the 22 BEST ones. So you have to try to stick out from the crowd!

Will I have a higher chance of getting accepted if I’m a BEST member?

No. But as a BEST member you can apply to participate in some of the over 100 internal events that we are organising for our own members throughout the year. This includes Regional Meetings, General Assemblies, Cultural Exchanges, Jamborees, Trainshops and more.

What happens next?

What should I do after being accepted to a BEST event?

Usually we will contact you a few days after the announcement to check with you if you still want to go. If you are getting impatient, you can find some ways of contacting us here. You have 3 weeks after the announcement to confirm your participation, and you do this by paying the deposit (60€) to us. The Local BEST Group (LBG) that is organising the event will then contact you with additional information, but you are of course always welcome to ask us if there is anything.

What is BEST Spirit?

You have to experience it yourself… so go and apply!

What happens if I go to a BEST event and I catch BEST Spirit virus?

You will probably want to go to more events and maybe join your Local BEST Group (LBG) and organize events yourself.

What can I do if I’m not accepted?

You can try it again during next season. There are four of them: spring, summer, autumn, winter. You can also join BEST and participate in internal events.

Can I get ECTS credits for participating on a BEST course?

After finishing the course you’ll get a BEST certificate with university stamp and professor’s signature. It’s up to your faculty if they will give you the recommended credits.

Original FAQ on the BEST site: http://best.eu.org/…uestions.jsp