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Send an email to
Or if you are young and hip, you can also send us a message on Facebook. Whatever you prefer.

Want to meet us?
Our office is located on the 3rd floor, Student Union Building. We share our office with CIRC and we’re sometimes there during lunch (12-13) on weekdays. You’re also welcome to drop by at our weekly meetings, 17:17 on Wednesdays.
If you want to make really sure we are actually there, just send us a message on Facebook (or an email).

Need to get your account validated?
Just drop by our office when we are there, or try to set up a time with us (just shoot us a message). And don’t worry if the application deadline is approaching, you can still apply to courses even if your account is not validated yet. You even have 3 more days after the application deadline to get your account validated.

Oh, and you can also send us post if you want!
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