Strategic Planning 2015

On Saturday, 10.Oct. we have had our Kick-Off event and started with the work for this academic year. Our new members – Naj and Raj – have received a short BEST Knowledge Transfer while the board was taking care of administrative tasks. Afterwards we have all worked on the strategic plan for the upcoming year. After the Lithuanian lunch – Saltibarsciai – we have continued with a big office rearangement and cleanup. After 12 hours of work, we have decided to take a break and go to sauna all together. As the office rearangement was a very big project, we have met again on Sunday with some support of CIRC. We had a lot fun and finally know which costumes are hidden in the office for the next parties! We finished the work in the afternoon with some swedish hot dogs, italian wine and american donuts! We continued the evening with dancing, watching a movie and celebrating the first birthday in the office. We are looking forward to working in our new office!

Feel free to drop by at our next meeting ?